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Aesthetic Dentistry

Our dentists can assess and help you towards creating a smile that gives you confidence. We believe that health is essential to the finished aesthetic result. This means that we will work with you to provide long term outcomes - not aim for a quick result. We provide options such as porcelain or composite veneers, crowns and bridges, implants and dentures as well as monitored safe and effective bleaching, and we will tailor a plan suitable for your needs.


We choose from the full range of filling materials including amalgam for back
teeth, tooth coloured composite resin for front and back teeth, glass ionomer for special circumstances, and even porcelain for larger restorations. We consider what is the most long lasting and least difficult to maintain, what it will look like and what would be the healthiest for your mouth
given your specific situation.


Dental implants are completely artificial teeth made of titanium and porcelain osseo-integrated to the jaw bone. They are a modern innovation to replace missing single teeth, rows of teeth or whole arches of teeth. Our practice uses a computerised planning system to create an implant treatment plan and transfers that via a template to your mouth. The visible parts are made several weeks after the surgical phase to allow healing of the titanium parts to the jawbone.

Preventative dentistry

Modern dentistry aims to identify
the drivers of disease and focus on
practical strategies limiting these factors. We want to work with our patients to help tailor a programme that prevents dental disease.
Some aspects where we may be
able to advise you are in the management of diabetes, dry mouth or other salivary insufficiencies, erosion and bruxism.

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges made of gold
or porcelain are used in a variety of ways to restore lost teeth, aesthetics or provide protection for weakened teeth without needing to use a removable denture.  Our on site lab enables close collaboration between the dentist and the ceramicist to create your new smile or single tooth crown.

Special Needs Dentistry

We deal daily with the frail elderly, disabled, intellectually disabled, medically compromised, autistic
and very nervous patients. We enjoy accommodating your individual needs and we seek to do as ideal dentistry
as is possible.


Our dentists and dental hygienists can assist in the diagnosis and treatment of gum infections. We put together a comprehensive treatment schedule which takes you from assessment to completion of initial treatment and then supports your efforts to maintain your overall health.


We encourage all our patients to
return for a full examination every
6-12 months. We find problems before they grow inside the teeth into worse cavities and help you avoid painful emergencies. We use digital x-rays
to properly exam any areas we
cannot see.

Root canal treatment

As general dentists we routinely perform root canal treatments on
non-vital teeth using modern rotary instrument techniques. We are pleased that the techniques used these days are quite reliable and pain free.

Wisdom teeth removal

Many people have problems with their wisdom teeth, the third set of molar teeth which grows at 18-24 years of age. They may not grow through the gums properly and can cause problems for the gums or other back teeth.

General anaesthetics

Dr Leith has a weekly general anaesthetic session where patients can have implants or extractions done while asleep and under the care of a specialist anaesthetist usually at the Eye Hospital, Charles St, Launceston.

Our Facilities

Braeside is situated at 52 York St on the corner of York and Tamar St, opposite Windmill Hill.  We occupy an historic building which has been lovingly restored to its former glory. In contrast, our surgeries are modern, air-conditioned, fully computerised, and equipped with the latest technology and the most comfortable dental chairs. We offer a disabled entry ramp, and large sized surgeries to accommodate wheelchair access. Our crowns, bridges and dentures are made in Australia, and locally where possible. There is a dental laboratory on the premises with whom we work closely. We provide free parking at the rear of our premises, or free 3 hour parking is available along York St.


52 York Street,  Launceston, TAS 7250

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